A hassle-free way to run you domestic cleaning business

Take control of your work schedule

Stay on top of every step of your cleaning service delivery.

Build a loyal client base

Enhance client satisfaction and foster long-term relationships.

Optimise your earnings

Serve more clients while reducing operational time and costs - all this with your existing team.


How ServiceOS helps you grow your domestic cleaning business

Automation and business intelligence

ServiceOS isn’t just software; it’s your business partner in automation and analytics. Our platform provides an ecosystem where you can cut back on tedious administrative tasks and focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Here are some of the key features we built that will save you tons of time:

Seamless client interactions with our online booking system for cleaning business

Allow your clients to book and manage cleaning sessions effortlessly through our intuitive online and in-app booking systems.

Secure automated payments

Minimise unpaid jobs with automated payments and eliminate the hassle of invoice chasing. Our software for cleaning companies streamlines the payment process by automating both one-time and recurring transactions. This feature will not only minimise unpaid jobs but will also provide a secure, reliable way for clients to complete transactions, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Efficient workforce management for scalable growth

Manage your team effectively with real-time tracking and performance metrics, using our specialised field service management software for cleaning companies.

Manage your profits and own your business

We wanted to create a sales solution that aligns with the goals of cleaning businesses. ServiceOS can help you unleash your organisation’s potential with features specifically designed for the needs of domestic cleaning businesses:

Empower and train your team for exceptional service

Analyze client feedback to identify training needs across various key performance indicators of your cleaning teams such as task performance, quality of service, customer satisfaction, and much more.

Training and quality tracking features ServiceOS can help you with:

Streamline communication with your clients

Our secure instant messaging system supports multiple languages, facilitating seamless communication between your cleaning staff and clients.

ServiceOS - Online booking system and field management software for cleaners

Built for aspiring leaders in the domestic cleaning industry

With over two decades of specialised experience in the domestic cleaning sector, ServiceOS stands as the definitive software solution for business owners with ambitious growth objectives. Here's why ServiceOS can be your game-changer:

  • Reach more customers in less time.
  • Stay on top of the service delivery.
  • Manage your workforce effectively.
  • Save time and increase your profits.

Don’t just grow—thrive. ServiceOS features an intuitive online booking system designed to make client acquisition a breeze. Reach new audiences and keep your existing clients engaged with a streamlined booking experience. 

We also understand that your team is your most valuable asset. Therefore, our field service management solutions for domestic cleaning equip you with real-time tracking, performance metrics, and easy scheduling, ensuring you have full control over your workforce. Assign the right people to the right jobs and maximize efficiency across the board.

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