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So Much Easier With a Video Consultation System

With ServiceOS, your business can meet the government guidelines for online video consultations and surveys. It is a simple and useful software solution for video consultation – plumbers, electricians, engineers, moving companies, and many other service providers can easily implement it in order to adhere to the recommendations by the government related to the recent pandemic.

  • Customers can book video consultation sessions.
  • The system can remind them of the upcoming video consultations.
  • Your professionals can directly talk to individual clients and offer better quotes.
  • Users can confirm during calls if they require on-site visit by professionals.
ServiceOS - The ultimate business intelligence system for service providers. Video consulting.

More than just a video consultation app for your business

We understand that there are a lot of things that must happen and a lot of decisions have to be made before a service is booked by a customer and the work is carried out by a professional. Of course, the best possible quote is given to a customer when a specialist actually visits the address and determines the scope of the work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, this is now associated with several risks. And this is where ServiceOS comes in.

There is no need to arrange physical surveys anymore because you have the power of technology on your side. Your technicians and specialists can now have a friendly conference call with your customers before a service is arranged. Here are a few examples of interactions

  • Customers can explain what electrical problems they are having and show their property to a specialist.
  • Tenants who are moving out can walk around their rented property and show their belongings to a moving company.
  • Handymen and builders can see the property they are about to visit to determine what materials they will need.
  • A plumber can see the type of damage that has occurred and determine what would be the best course of action.
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Take the next step in communicating with your customers

We have developed a video consultation system that allows your customers to book conference calls with specialists and service providers. And this brings you several advantages over your competitors. You become a high-tech brand that people can trust because they know that you care about safety and presentation.

ServiceOS - video consulting for your clients