How our plumbing business software makes a difference

Eliminating the common problems

Most booking systems basically are just contact forms that lack the capability to understand customer needs. They can’t upsell or cross-sell your services.

Increasing your profits

ServiceOS is intelligent and understands your customers. The booking system increases your order values by up to 50% with upsells and cross-sells and it allows your customers to easily manage their bookings online.

Saving you time and money

As a plumbing company software, ServiceOS allows you to automate countless interactions so you can cut costs and save time. For example, our natural language search based on AI lets the customer find easily the services they are looking for and provides you with valuable data.


What can ServiceOS do as a plumbing management software

Automation and business intelligence

ServiceOS automates processes and interactions which drastically cuts your administration time. This way your staff can focus their efforts on more productive actions. Here are the features that we have developed that will optimize your plumbing service delivery.

Manage your workforce

ServiceOS keeps track of your technicians and helps them to have a more productive workday. Your staff will actually be able to reach more customers in less time thanks to the Live availability management feature of ServiceOS and the integrated route optimisation capability of the system. Here are some of the features that help you manage your workforce:

Profits management

ServiceOS can automatically increase your prices when you have limited availability. It also allows you to manage transactional operations. It’s everything you need to keep track of your profits.

Ensure high service delivery standards

ServiceOS can collect the feedback you get from clients and tracks the performance of your technicians. This way you can ensure that the standards of quality that you have established are met. And if your staff need any additional training, then you can speed up the process through the online training platform feature. Explore the rest of the features:

Instant messaging in multiple languages

Your technicians will be able to easily communicate with your customers while they are on the go using an app that is part of the ServiceOS business solution. And here are the rest of the features that streamline your communication.

  • Complaints management
  • Membership Club, Loyalty & Subscription
ServiceOS - The ultimate business intelligence system for service providers. video consulting

Become a plumbing industry leader with our business intelligence system

Nowadays customers want to self-service. They want to check pricing and availability without talking or interacting with anyone. Meanwhile, the property maintenance/improvement service industry is one of the last to go online. Now is the perfect time to bring your business up to speed with ServiceOS as your go-to plumbing service software. By offering your customers a smooth online experience, you will be able to increase your sales and gain a higher value than running a call center. Using the ServiceOS booking system will let your plumbing business run smoother, it will increase your order value and conversions, and it will save you cost on sales.

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