Create a sales script and add it in the system.
Quick and easy access for your sales agents.
Increased conversion and profits
Quicker training for new sales agents

There is a more effective way to do sales

With ServiceOS, your sales agents have swift access to your best-practice sales scripts. They can quickly open the script they need while talking to a customer and increase their chance of closing the deal. You can upload any sales script you would like to try and your agents are quickly able to access it. Here is what the system allows you to do:

  • Formulate sales scripts and add them in the scripts library.
  • Your sales agents can quickly access each script.
  • Track the performance of scripts and make adjustments.
  • Use existing sales scripts as training materials for new agents.
Benefits of using sales-script feature

The advantages of using an automated sales script system

One of the best aspects of this feature is that even your newest sales agents can quickly familiarize themselves with it and become an effective part of your team. On the other hand, ServiceOS comes with some existing best-practices scripts that are perfect for the domestic services industry. Of course, you can easily adapt effective scripts for your particular industry.

  • The sales script feature helps your agents to sell more.
  • It is easy to use and it can serve as training for new agents.
  • The sales scripts can easily be edited and improved based on performance.
  • This saves your staff efforts and allows them to focus on sales.
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Dominate the market with optimized sales interactions

The Sales Scripts feature is just one of the many ways that ServiceOS will make your service delivery business more efficient and more profitable. Witness the power of tech-driven business firsthand! While your competitors are scratching their heads and wondering what to say over the phone, your sales staff are always ready to convert every single caller into a regular customer.

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