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Seamless service delivery with field service business management software

With your crews and professionals on the go, ServiceOS tracks their movement through GPS. This means that it shows you their exact location in the area where you operate. This gives you more control over your fleet and professionals. However, you are always in control of what is going on while they work. The system monitors their reporting in real-time and makes all necessary adjustments. Here are some of the functionalities that come with this feature:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Performance tracking
  • On-site price changes
  • Real-time job progress updates
  • Job changes notifications

The benefits of mobile field service management software

With this feature, you can always monitor the location of your staff and the progress of the services that they carry out. And if you wish, you can make this feature available to your customers. The technology of real-time location tracking is particularly useful when it comes to deliveries and arrivals. Here are some of the advantages for your business:

  • Your customers can see the progress of their delivery.
  • They are less likely to call and complain in case of delay.
  • They can get home when the professional is nearby.
  • It gives more flexibility and freedom to the customer.

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This feature is designed so ServiceOS can adjust in real-time. The real-time reporting that professionals do while doing field services results in automated strategic changes that allow you to better service your customers. Things will be different with technology on your side. You will do a lot more with a lot less. Witness the power of technology and dominate the market.

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