How our cleaning business software increases your profits

Improved customer experience

ServiceOS is intelligent. The system understands what your customers need so it offers them the right services in real time as they make bookings. They can also easily manage their bookings online.

Higher average order value

Through upselling and cross-selling, ServiceOS can increase your order values by up to 50%.


From scheduling and real-time availability management to notifications and performance tracking, there is so much that you can automate with the system. With ServiceOS, you cut costs and save so much time!


How ServiceOS functions as your cleaning company software

Automation and business intelligence

The system significantly lowers your administration time through the automation of interactions and processes. This means that you and your staff can focus your attention on making better strategic moves for your business. Here are some of the features that help you run your business more smoothly.

Manage your workforce

ServiceOS helps you manage your workforce effectively. It keeps track of performance and helps your cleaners to have more productive workdays. And thanks to the Live availability management and the route optimisation capability, your staff can actually reach more customers in less time which greatly increases your profits.

Profits management

ServiceOS gives you everything you need to manage and grow your profits. You can easily manage transactions or even have your prices increased automatically in case you have limited availability

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Ensure high service delivery standards

The system analyzes the feedback you receive from your customers and tells you exactly what aspect of your service delivery should be improved. We have also developed a convenient online training platform where you can upload useful materials so your staff quickly learn and grasp how to improve their skills and customer service.

Instant messaging in multiple languages

As part of ServiceOS, we have developed a mobile application that professional cleaners and other technicians use to manage their workdays. It even allows them to quickly communicate with customers through predefined messaging, voice and video calls.

ServiceOS - Online booking system and field management software for cleaners

The best cleaning service software for the industry

It doesn’t matter exactly what kind of professional cleaning service you provide. ServiceOS can be your carpet cleaning software or your window cleaning software. In all cases, we know very well that modern customers prefer self-service. This means that they like to easily book services and manage them online. They want to be able to quickly access prices and availability without waiting on the phone to talk to an agent. And this is where ServiceOS comes in. You will be able to provide a smooth, hassle-free customer experience thanks to our groundbreaking business solution which has been specifically built for the professional cleaning industry.

Ready to increase your profits with our cleaning service software?