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The future of on-boarding and professional training

With ServiceOS, you have access to an interactive online training platform. This feature will become an essential part of your onboarding process. Training new recruits to the standards and operations within your company will be as simple as creating a log-in for them. Consider that all contemporary universities and schools have introduced online courses in the last decade. Learning and acquiring skills online is fast, convenient, and effective.

  • Create training modules
  • Share operations tutorials
  • Formulate brand guidelines
  • Highlight legal guidelines
ServiceOS - Online training platform

Making your onboarding process more efficient

Take a look at some of the most successful franchises in the world. With just a few searches, you will find that they are all using online training to onboard their newest recruits and prepare them for the job. This is a tried and tested method that cuts costs, saves time, and allows people to learn and acquire new skills in their own pace. You can look at it as if you are creating an online school that prepares people to become an effective part of your company or organization. And there are many benefits to this.

  • You can eliminate the need to assign the role of ‘trainer’ to one of your experienced staff members.
  • You allow new recruits to freely learn about your company and become more engaged with the onboarding process.
  • On-boarding becomes much more efficient and new staff members quickly gain the experience they need to become successful.
  • You can continue to develop and upgrade the online training platform and make it a valuable asset of your company.
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The power of technology on your side

Now you can use ServiceOS to build the perfect online training platform for your business and on-board your newest recruits as fast as possible and make them an effective part of your company. You can customize the online training platform and fill it with all necessary onboarding content to drastically speed up your staff training. While your competitors are scratching their heads and wondering what to do, ServiceOS takes care of all the training so you can focus on development and growth.

ServiceOS - Online training platform