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ServiceOS brilliantly fits into every business-based process. And we have productized many incredible features to allows your business to flourish. One of these features allows you to track the progression of services while they are taking place. Even when you are not on site. Service providers and professionals can use their operations app to report live what they are doing. This way their work is being reported directly. And of course, this feature comes with countless advantages for your business. Here are some of them.


The system takes input automatically.


Streamlining your work reporting system.


ServiceOS monitors what is being reported and adjusts.


You remain in total control of the service provision process.

ServiceOS - Real-time Job Tracking

How real-time job is making service delivery better

The power of technology on your side allows you to engage in collaborative synergies. You can recontextualize the way you do business with automating countless interactions. And this feature allows you to do so when it comes to tracking the progressions of jobs that are taking place in real-time. This will allow you to turn your service delivery business into a user-centric powerhouse that relies on technology to achieve even greater success. And here are a few of examples of how service provision becomes much better when you have real-time job tracking.

  • Service providers and technicians become a lot more diligent at work.
  • The system automatically takes input from service providers and adjusts.
  • ServiceOS tracks the availability of professionals and adjusts bookings.
  • These advantages allow you to reach more customers in less time.
  • Automation and time-saving allows you to increase your profits.
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ServiceOS - Real-time Job Tracking