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Video Consultations & Surveys for home removals

In accordance with recent government guidelines, service providers such as home removals companies should implement video surveys and online consultations in order to minimize unnecessary contact with customers.

ServiceOS brings you the capacity to do so in an intelligent and convenient way. With our Video Consultations & Surveys feature, your customers can easily book an appointment for a video survey. When the time for the survey comes, the customer can flip the camera of their device and show your staff the furniture and the belongings that they will be moving. And this comes with several advantages for your moving business.


It is so much easier for your clients than on-site visits.

Precise quotes

Your staff can easily give quotes for every move.

Precise services

Easily determine the manpower and vehicle for every move.

Minimized risk

Following the official guidelines to reduce risk.

ServiceOS - home removals consulting online
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ServiceOS makes your moving business more efficient

Automation and business intelligence have the potential to skyrocket your business. And ServiceOS gives you so many functionalities that you can implement to start doing things in a much more efficient way. Here are just some of the many features that the system has.

  • Call Center Automation - Connecting customers to the right department automatically.
  • Online Booking - Gives your customers access to booking slots and price rates in real-time.
  • GPS route optimization - Smarter travel that can show the location of your fleet.
  • Mobile app - Your movers can receive jobs and report their work while on the go.
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