Complete payment automation
Various payment methods supported
Invoice and charge generation

Automated payment processing will make things a lot easier for you

They say that money never sleeps. Especially when you have an automatic payment processing system. We know this very well and that is why we have developed an automated payment solution in ServiceOS that manages all payments for your service delivery company. This way you don’t have to worry about your company’s income from bookings. They are automatically being sorted out. Here is what functionalities come with this feature.

    • API – Connecting to different payment providers.
    • The system automatically can generate invoices and charges.
    • You can set up different time frames to collect the payments.
    • Instant payment or pre-authorization upon booking is available.
ServiceOS - automated payment

The advantages of payment automation

It all comes down to making your work and service delivery easier so you can focus on more important things. You can be content knowing that the system is managing your company’s automatic card payments and no mistakes are being made. And all of this is happening 24/7 - the system works for you and makes sure that your earnings are being processed in the most optimal way. Here are a few examples of how ServiceOS makes payments a breeze through this feature.

  • Seamlessly connect the payment provider for your business with the system.
  • Set the invoices to be generated and sent to your customers before or after the service, at a specific time of the day.
  • Collect the full or partial charge for your service before it is delivered.
  • Does provide you with security that a booking will not proceed should the client not provide his card details for pre-authorisation.
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Automated payment processing system and much more!

The automated payments feature is just one of the many ways in which ServiceOS makes service delivery so much easier. Now you have access to automation and business intelligence built for your industry. Use the powerful system we have developed unleash your potential and dominate the market. Contact us today to request a demo!

ServiceOS - automated payment