Fair Pricing

The customer pays only for the spent on work.


Staff members become more diligent.


You can keep track of your most efficient staff members.


You can make adjustments based on what the data shows.

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Check-in and check-out of a job

With ServiceOS, you can easily track how long a professional has spent at any given address. This way you can be sure that your staff have safely reached the customer’s address and they have started to work. This feature is especially useful for hourly-based services where time spent on-site working determines how much your customers will pay for the service. Check-in and check-out bring you a few advantages as a service provider.

ServiceOS - check in out app feature

The benefits of check-in/check-out

This simple feature is brilliant because it provides you with so much data and you can learn a lot about your staff. With check-in and check out you have:

  • More control over your staff and service delivery.
  • Staff members have more incentive to work diligently.
  • Your customers will appreciate your high-tech approach to service delivery
  • You will be able to make more business decisions based on the data you gather.
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This is just one of the many features for your business

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