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Flexible Pricing Increases Your Revenue

Being flexible with payments and pricing is important for any company. And ServiceOS is made with this in mind. That is why we have developed the Surge Pricing feature. For example, you can lower the price for certain booking slots that are not booked by customers as often. This way you will ensure a more even distribution of bookings and increased profits for your company. Here is what the system can do:

  • Detect periods of higher customer activity and increase prices.
  • Detect periods of customer inactivity and lower prices.
  • Formulate precise quotes based on customer requirements.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell to users while they book.
ServiceOS - surge pricing feature

The advantages of using surge pricing

With the surge pricing feature developed for ServiceOS, your pricing stays flexible and changes based on demand. This ensures that your company will stay relevant, no matter the economic climate. And being flexible is one of the most important qualities of businesses nowadays. Here is what surge pricing allows you to do.

  • Flexible pricing gives your customer more incentive to book services.
  • They prefer you over the competition because you are more relevant and understand your customer’s needs.
  • The trust in your company is increased because you think about the well-being of all users.
  • Your company is more likely to be recommended for being so awesome and customer-friendly.
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What truly matters is taking away the opportunities of your competitors. With flexible pricing, customers will be more likely to stick with you and see that you are indeed the better brand on the market. Automation and business intelligence will make your company more profitable. Reveal your true potential with ServiceOS! Request your demo today and start doing things the smart way!

ServiceOS - surge pricing, dynamic pricing