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Video Consultation & Survey Software for Handyman Companies

Recent government guidelines for minimizing contact due to the COVID-19 pandemic state that service providers such as handymen and builders should resort to video consultations with customers before they carry out services.

This is something that you can easily incorporate into your business with ServiceOS. The Video Consultation & Survey feature of the system allows your customers to book a conference calls with a consultant or an actual handyman.

During the call, all details related to the service can be safely discussed. And the customers can even show the handyman around their property by simply turning on the camera of their device and flipping it. For example, they can show them the walls that need to be repainted or the shelf that needs to be repaired. Through this practice, the interaction is much safer and you are helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Service delivery

You better understand the needs of your customers.


No need to physically visits sites for surveys.

More customers

It’s so user-friendly, clients will find way more convenient.

Increased profits

Give out precise quotes, so customers are more likely to book.

ServiceOS - The ultimate business intelligence system for handyman.
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The essential service delivery features for every handyman and contractor company

The future is now and it is time to forget the old ways. Simply because technology is here to make our lives easier and better. And this applies to your handyman business as well. With technology and business intelligence on your side, you can reach more customers in less time and increase your profits. Here are some of the essential features that ServiceOS offers you:

  • Online Booking - Your customers can see price rates and booking slots in real-time through our online booking forms
  • Call center optimisation - If you have a big sales and customer care team, then you definitely need this one to connect the customers with the right operators as quickly as possible.
  • GPS route optimisation - The handymen’s travel route is optimised by the system so they can visit addresses more efficiently.
  • Mobile app - All your handyman will use their smartphones to receive their work schedule, booked jobs, and report their work.
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ServiceOS automates countless interactions so you can have a smooth, simple, and seamless service delivery. This way you are making things easier for yourself, your staff, and your customer, which saves you time and increases your profits. Start your demo today!

ServiceOS - video consulting for handyman