Live availability management

With ServiceOS, you can manage the availability of service providers in real-time. The system will constantly be aware of their status during their workday. This way the system will automatically make intelligent decisions to ensure that the most profitable course of action is taken. Here is what this looks like:

Improved management

This will help you manage service providers better.


Many interactions are being automated.

Reach more customers

Ultimately, this will allow you to carry out more services.

Increase your profits

Your company will increase its winnings

ServiceOS - Live availability management

How live availability management helps your business?

Basically, ServiceOS will constantly be aware of what is going on with your service providers. Based on their status, the system will decide in the best possible way how to manage the remaining bookings for the day. The system always takes the best possible decision to ensure more profits. Within a year of use, this can drastically increase your profits. Here are some of its functionalities.

  • Your professionals can report if they are being delayed.
  • Share in advance if they are not able to complete a service.
  • Note that they are capable to handle more jobs in their workday.
  • More optimized redistribution of the remaining bookings.
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ServiceOS - Live availability management