Helps you in managing service providers.
You keep track of their service delivery performance.
Make changes based on performance.
Find out your weak spots and make improvements.
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Performance review software

ServiceOS functions as a performance management system software. It monitors the work performance of your service providers. This feature will help your business in several ways. You will have an accurate picture of who are your best service providers as well as who is underperforming and needs to improve.  Here is what you can do with our performance management software:

  • Franchisee profiles with performance dashboards
  • Assign jobs based on skills and covered areas
  • Real-time location tracking of service providers
  • Performance tracking and data analysis
ServiceOS - Performance management software

How performance appraisal software helps your business

If some of your service providers are underperforming, then you are losing money. However, how can you know who is doing their job properly? This is where profiling and performance tracking comes in. This feature will reveal your weak assets so you can take accurate measures and provide them with additional training. Here are the advantages that this feature gives you.

  • Improve the performance of service providers.
  • This will lead to better-performed services and happier customers.
  • You will be able to reach more customers and increase your profits.
  • Performance tracking will allow you to grow your business.
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Employee performance management software

The online performance management system will help you see the gaps you have as a service provider so you can improve. This way you will be able to exceed the capabilities of your competition and dominate the local market. ServiceOS has in store all sorts of cool features for you. Implement powerful business intelligence in order to reach more clients, increase your profits, and grow your business. Contact us today and request a demo.

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