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ServiceOS - about us


ServiceOS is suitable for any service delivery business.


The system has many useful features. You pay only for those that you need.


We continue to work on ServiceOS and make it even better for you.

Our Story

10 years of development

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We created a simple CRM to serve the needs of a service delivery business. But soon we realized that there is a lot more that we can do.

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We launched the first iteration of ServiceOS. It wasn’t perfect yet and there was a lot of work ahead of us but we knew that we were on the path to creating something special.

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We were adding more features and functionalities to the system. Month after month, we were seeing drastic improvements in our operations.

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After adopting ServiceOS, year on year comparison shows USPAAH has achieved 76% growth in bookings and a 60% increase in revenue.

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After using ServiceOS for more than a year, Cloud 9 Vets saw tremendous improvement in their capacity to reach more customers. This drastically improved their operation and increased their profits.

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since 2020 till today

ServiceOS has been serving multiple companies in a range of field service industries, proving to scale their business.


The minds behind ServiceOS