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Service delivery software for electricians

Recent COVID-19 government guidelines state that service providers such as electricians should resort to video surveys and consultations with their clients in order to reduce their risk of infection and help slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

That is why ServiceOS has developed a brilliant feature that will allow you not just to adhere to the safety recommendations but also to actually streamline the way you do business as a provider of electrical services.

Now your customers can easily book a video consultation with an electrician through your website by implementing the feature. This way they can safely discuss the details for the services that they require and even show the consulting electrician what they need by flipping the camera of their device, be it a phone or a tablet. And this practice actually comes with several advantages for your business.


More clients will come in contact with you because it is so easy to use.

Precise service quotes

Electricians can easily determine the scope of the work and offer quotes.

Reduction of contact

No need to meet leads in person who won’t be booking.

Saves you time and travel

No need to waste time on on-site inspections

ServiceOS - managing software for electricians - easy consultations.
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ServiceOS can streamline your electrical business in many ways

Video surveys are indeed the future of service delivery because they are way more convenient for everybody and save you so much time. But this is just one of the highly useful and effective features that ServiceOS has in store for you. The true potential of your electrical business will be revealed with the power of technology on your side. To give you a few examples, here a few of the essential features that every service provider can tremendously benefit from:

  • Call Center Automation - Every customer who calls is quickly connected to the right salesperson or customer care representative.
  • Online Booking - And why answer calls all the time when your website can sell 24/7?
  • GPS route optimization - The system can optimize the travel route of electricians so they can visit more customers in a single workday.
  • Mobile app - All the electricians need is their smartphone, and they have access to their work schedule and reporting system through an app.
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Electrical service delivery is so much better with technology on your side

ServiceOS is designed to make things a lot easier for you. And this saves you time and money. It is a proven and effective system that will allow you to reach more customers and grow your business.

ServiceOS - The ultimate business intelligence system for electricians.