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  • Boost your brand's visibility
  • Cultivate customer loyalty
  • Outshine competitors with ease
  • Forge lasting customer connections
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Revolutionize your Barbershop with our management App

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Save Time and Money: Streamline your operations and focus on what you do best – making your customers look stunning! Our software automates scheduling, payment processing, and client communication, saving you valuable time and administrative costs.

Gain a Competitive Edge: Join the ranks of top barbershops who are leveraging technology to grow their businesses. With our software, you’ll have the tools to compete with big-name brands and attract a loyal customer base.


More Bookings

Enjoy up to a 30% boost in appointments by offering online scheduling, the most elegant way to manage bookings and attract more clients.


    Stronger Brand

    Stand out and become the top choice for customers by building a strong and recognizable brand through streamlined operations and exceptional service.


      Marketing Tools

      Utilize built-in marketing tools to create promotions, vouchers, and club prices, attract new clients and retain existing ones through targeted campaigns.


        Build a thriving community with our membership feature.

        Create a tribe of dedicated members and provide them with exclusive access to your valuable content.

        Online booking system for barbershops

        Ultimate Online Booking Solution

        Stand Out from the Competition! Build a strong brand and reputation by offering convenient online booking options.
        With 50% of customers preferring to book online, you'll attract more clients and stay ahead of the curve.

        With real-time availability and the option to choose between various barbers and services, your customers will feel more at ease entrusting your brand.

        Online booking system for barbershops
        choose your professional for barbershops
        choose your professional for barbershops

        Choose Your Pro

        This presents a unique opportunity to achieve dual objectives through a single function: empowering customers to select the barber they're most comfortable with, while also incentivizing employees to deliver top-notch service to uphold their personal ratings.

        barbershop app feedback and tips

        Instant feedback and tips

        Make feedback collection and tipping a breeze for your barbershop with our user-friendly app! Gather valuable insights from clients to level up your services and strengthen customer relationships.

        Plus, motivate your team by letting them shine with high ratings and generous tips!

        barbershop app feedback and tips

        More features to boost your barbershop:

        • Dedicated app for the barbers
        • Referral management
        • Marketing tracking
        • Automated emails and notifications
        • Statistics
        • Vouchers
        • Billing and invoicing
        • Membership management
        • Appointment scheduling
        Barbershop app ServiceOS
        Barbershop app ServiceOS
        Why us

        Smooth, Simple, Seamless

        ServiceOS App for barbershops will streamline your operations, and also enhance customer satisfaction and help you stay ahead of the competition.

        With features like online booking, personalized appointments, and automated reminders, you'll attract more clients and boost sales. Plus, the app will assist in organizing schedules, managing staff, and tracking performance, empowering you to build a strong brand, increase efficiency, and foster growth.

        Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity – give it a try today!


        You are in good company

        We know from experience that there is no on-fits-all solution. That's why we built ServiceOS to be agile and adaptable. Made explicitly for trades, home service contractors, beauty and wellness professionals, we know how to help automate and skyrocket your business.

        Browse our case studies

        uspaah logoThe Challenge

        The company offers classic beauty and wellness services in a new form, far more suitable for the hectic modern life. Their innovative approach quickly gained popularity and soon the volume of bookings and the number of therapists increased. With the increase of work came some difficulties – the cases of forgotten or cancelled therapies became more frequent, WEB FORM, ON-DEMAND. There was a natural need for more precise administrative management of people and processes for keeping a smooth workflow and flowless customer service.

        To capture this growth trend and develop the company to the position of market leader, it became clear that the business needs a reliable software solution to make them competitive and assist with the ambitious goals.

        The Solution

        USPAAH found its solution for business management and growth in the software system ServiceOS. It fitted perfectly into the needs of the business and the real results were not long in coming. The company had now a set of applications and tools to serve best its customers and manage its entire business. In addition to the intuitive online booking form and the amazing field management software, customers can conveniently book anytime and from anywhere in the branded mobile app for all platforms and the therapists start managing themselves.

        With the power of ServiceOS the company got 18% growth just for the first year and increased customer satisfaction.

        The Challenge

        Fantastic Services started their business concept with home cleaning services, but soon they realized that customers need multi-service home maintenance. Step-by-step in the portfolio were added gardening, plumbing, electricians, handymen, home removals, and more.

        With the wide range of services and specialists, the organization began to become more difficult, there was a natural need for more precise administrative management of people and processes for keeping a smooth workflow and flawless customer service. To capture this growth trend and develop the company to the position of market leader, it became clear that the business needs a reliable software solution to make it competitive and assist with the ambitious goals.

        The Solution

        True to their philosophy of “360 degrees of happiness”, Fantastic Services began to look for a solution that would provide smarter and more reliable process management and ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders. And they discovered it – the company implemented the management software system ServiceOS, which automates over 80% of operational work and minimized the likelihood of errors.

        The brains behind ServiceOS

        The results speak for themselves

        Five stars
        “I can not imagine the working process with any other system. ServiceOS has everything the company needs to ensure a smooth working process and user-friendly experience for everybody – the agents, managers & operatives performing the service.”

        Denitsa D.
        Head of Sales

        Five stars
        “Best software ever! The schedule is easy to access, to make changes and amendments. The way you can manage your booking is also easy and stress free process. You can easily track your payments, invoices and reports and find the information about past bookings.”

        Natali Y.


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