Cloud9 Vets

Helping a veterinarian service reach more customers

Cloud 9 Vets offers home visit veterinary services to pet owners with animals that have reached the end stage of their life cycle. They help people who love their pets very much and would like to provide them with the best possible veterinary care in a domestic setting.

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The situation

The staff of Cloud 9 Vets was struggling to pick up the phone. The higher their demand got, the more customers they were losing due to the inability to answer all the calls. They revamped their website a little bit but still, they were not able to reach all the customers they could because of a hectic work operation and poor scheduling.

The challenge

The challenge here was to improve the capacity of Cloud 9 Vets to service their growing number of customers by offering improvements in scheduling, organization, and customer service capacity.

Taking actions

In 2019, Cloud 9 Vets turned to ServiceOS for help. They implemented the system into their day-to-day operation, automating several key interactions to ensure that all the customers who approached them will be put on the schedule, and eventually receive timely service.

The result

After using ServiceOS for more than a year, Cloud 9 Vets saw tremendous improvement in their capacity to reach more customers. This drastically improved their operation and increased their profits.