Putting order into a hectic schedule.

ServiceOS - Field service management software for small businesses for plumbers

MyPlumber is a London-based company that provides a complete range of plumbing services (including emergency visits), handyman services, electricians, and gas safe engineer services.

The situation

MyPlumber is among the most popular plumbing service providers in the capital. They were approached by hundreds of customers on a daily basis. However, the company was losing precious time and profits due to hectic scheduling, and lots of customers who wanted to have their appointments changed.

The challenge

MyPlumber needed a solution that would solve the hectic rescheduling of bookings. This way the workdays of the professionals would be optimized and they would be able to reach customers who required services in a timely manner.

Taking actions

In 2019, MyPlumber started using ServiceOS. This was a natural fit because ServiceOS was built with such service providers in mind. Particularly, the automatic rescheduling, real-time availability, and route optimization capacity of the system were particularly useful to the operation of MyPlumber.

The result

Immediately after implementing ServiceOS the company saw a drastic improvement in their day-to-day operation. They were able to quickly adjust when changes to bookings happened. The precious time of the working professionals was being used in an optimal way.

  • In May 2019, they had 258 bookings worth £20,000.
  • MyPlumber started using ServiceOS.
  • In May 2020, they had 455 bookings worth £32,615.