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ServiceOS is a complete marketing automation system

You need a marketing automation software in order to run a successful service delivery business nowadays. And this is exactly what ServiceOS gives you. Here is what the system allows you to do:

  • ServiceOS can support multiple brands to guarantee success.
  • Collect emails and send out campaigns to increase your sales.
  • You can automate the system to remind customers to book services.
  • You can give credits for referrals & referred clients and issue vouchers.
  • Ability to track affiliate results and adjust your campaigns based on data.
  • The system can send your app users promotions and deals automatically.
  • Surcharges and discounts based on area, time of day/month/week/client type.
ServiceOS - Online training platform

The advantages of using a marketing automation platform

It is impossible to manually keep track of what is going on when it comes to digital marketing. You provide services to countless customers, each with their unique needs, requirements and purchase behavior. And this is where ServiceOS comes in. You can easily manage the digital marketing of multitude of brands to ensure a smooth operation and strategic customer-focused campaigns. Here are the advantages that you will have in the long run:

  • You will save countless work hours thanks to the implemented automation.
  • Your company will be able to provide more services in less time.
  • This will gradually increase your earnings and annual revenue.
  • You will be able to sustainably grow your company and expand.
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Dominate your competition with our marketing automation solutions

While your competitors are wondering what to do, ServiceOS does so much of the work for you. This puts you light years ahead of the game. You can be the leading brand in your area with the power of business intelligence on your side. Take the next step in growing your business with ServiceOS.

ServiceOS - Online training platform