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Video consultations & surveys for plumbers

According to recent COVID-19  government guidelines, service providers such as plumbers should adopt the practice of video surveys in order to minimize coming in physical contact with their clients and risking infection.

You can easily achieve this with ServiceOS and make it a part of your operation. One of our latest features allows you to have video consultations booked by your customers. When a client and a plumber are finally in a conference call, they can easily discuss the details of the required service. The customer can even show the plumber what exactly the problem is by turning on flipping the camera on their phone or tablet.

Video consultations and surveys for plumbing companies come with many business advantages, including:

Compliance and safety

Meeting COVID-19 government guidelines.


No need to waste time for on-site surveys.

Better quotes

Giving customers more precise pricing for each job.

More customers served

Video surveys save so much time.

ServiceOS - The ultimate business intelligence system for service providers. video consulting
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The all-in-one service delivery software for the plumbing industry

But video surveys is just one of the many service delivery and business optimization features that you can have with ServiceOS. There many other ways you can have your business streamlined in order to save time, reach more customers and increase your profits.

  • Online Booking allows your customers to easily schedule consultations or directly book services.
  • Call center automation ensures you are able to serve more customers efficiently.
  • GPS route optimization allows plumbers to visit more addresses in a single workday.
  • Plumbers can report their work through an app.
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ServiceOS - Video consultations & surveys for plumbers