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The job management software for contractors and service providers

ServiceOS can function as a job management software. This means that you have a digital hub where all booked jobs are stored with all relevant information. There is no need to remember what does what. The system does that for you. And once a service is booked, your professionals will still benefit from certain functionalities such as:

  • Service providers can add parking, make price changes, upsell additional services.
  • The system can be translated into the language of your professionals.
  • You can see if a job is confirmed, started or finished in real-time.
  • Have your professionals write comments, take pictures, confirm that they’ve done the customer’s priorities, and help with customer service or future work.
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The advantages of using a job work management software

So what can an online job management software such as ServiceOS do for you? Consider all the low-value manual work that your staff needs to do in order to arrange a service. Now imagine all of this eliminated. Forever. ServiceOS takes away the mundane so you can focus on what is important. And here are some of the advantages that you will enjoy in the long run.

  • You have complete control over the service provision process.
  • Improve efficiency and reach more customers in less time.
  • Say goodbye to paperwork, everything is now digital.
  • Take your customer satisfaction to the next level.
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The simple job management software that puts you light years ahead

ServiceOS is the next generation of business intelligence. It will take your business to the next level of development. And efficient job management is just one of the many features that your business can use to dominate the market and get ahead of the local competition.

ServiceOS - Online training platform