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Video Consultations & Surveys for Gas Safety Engineers

Recent COVID-19 government guidelines state that service providers such as gas safety engineers should resort to video surveys and consultations with their clients when possible in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Your customers can easily book a video consultation with you through your website by implementing the feature.

This way you can safely discuss the details of the service such as error messages on your boiler, your customer needs, and ultimately provide a quote. This will ensure the client’s safety is safeguarded. All you need is a phone and internet connection.  


It’s more convenient and easy for your customers.

Precise quotation

Gas safety engineers can give more accurate quotes.

Reduction of contact

No need to meet prospective customers in person.

Saves you time and travel

No need to waste time on on-site inspections

ServiceOS - crm for gas safety engineers
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Optimize your Gas Engineering Business with ServiceOS

Join the future of delivering services. While video surveys are indeed pretty futuristic, ServiceOS has so much more to offer.

Truly reach your gas engineering business’ potential with the features ServiceOS has. You can really benefit from:

  • Call Center Automation - Skip the hassle for your clients. ServiceOS automatically connects customers with the right representative in your company.
  • Online Booking - Fully automate the booking process in your business.
  • GPS route optimization - ServiceOS optimizes the travel route for your professional to save you travel miles.
  • Real-time schedule - Your gas safety engineers need just a smartphone to get full access to their schedule.
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