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Real-time availability
GPS route optimisation
Higher annual revenue

ServiceOS is a complete service company scheduling software

Scheduling service after service manually is literally a waste of money. That is why we have developed ServiceOS to schedule jobs automatically. When your customers book services online, using your website or a mobile app, the system will automatically schedule a job for the professionals who are nearest to the job site. Here is what the system can do for you:

  • Automatic workforce scheduling
  • Drag and drop schedule
  • Timeslots based on covered area & skills
  • On-demand booking
  • Recurring appointments
ServiceOS - Online training platform

The advantages of using service industry scheduling software

As a service provider, you should rely on automation as much as possible. This will help you grow your business in a sustainable way. And ServiceOS offers you all sorts of functionalities that allow you to automate your business. Here is how this will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

  • You will manage to cut costs and save time.
  • Reaching more customers in less time.
  • Increase your annual revenue over time.
  • Make work more convenient for your staff.
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Reach more customers with our service scheduling app

ServiceOS can function as your service technician scheduling software but it can do so much more for you. Automation and business intelligence will drive your business forward. You will dominate the local market and be light years ahead of the competition. Try ServiceOS today and take your business to the next level.

ServiceOS - Online training platform