Your Legal Documentation

Running a service delivery business comes with so much bureaucracy, administration, and legal matters. So we asked ourselves how can we make things a little bit easier? After all, such matters can distract us from what is truly important. That is why we created the Legal feature of ServiceOS that takes care of some mundane aspects of running a service delivery business so you can focus on your true goals. Here is what the legal feature gives you:


Automatic real-time DBS checking


Set reminders for expiring licenses


Insurances and professional certifications


Keep important information of professionals


How the legal feature makes service delivery a lot easier

ServiceOS is designed with productivity and efficiency in mind. We consider all aspects of running a service delivery business and make sure to optimize everything. That is why we created this feature that handles the not so exciting parts. However, even this part of ServiceOS gives you business advantages through automation and convenience. Here are some examples.

  • The system can run DBS checks automatically.
  • It can notify you when certain things need to be done.
  • Everything is orderly stored and easily accessible.
  • You keep a reliable database that is protected.
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The legal feature of ServiceOS is just one of the many ways that business becomes a lot easier when you have automation and machine intelligence on your side. We have a lot more in store for you. So contact us today and let’s talk about how we can make your service delivery business more efficient and profitable through the technology of ServiceOS. Cut costs, save time, and become a leading service provider in your area!

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