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Call to Booking

Imagine a customer is calling and they demand to make a change to their booking. How can your staff possibly find out what booking they are talking about? Do they seriously have to ask for the customer’s name and check manually? What if this could be done automatically? Imagine how much time you can save and use in a more profitable way. That is why we made the call to booking application automatic.

ServiceOS - Appointment scheduling software

How call to booking application helps your business?

There is no arguing that automation is of utmost importance in the information age. We have all this technology and we can make every process more efficient. This is exactly what you can do with ServiceOS and this awesome feature that allows you to save so much time. Here are some of the advantages you get.

  • Your staff will immediately know what your customers have booked.
  • This way they will be able to offer them additional services.
  • Upselling and cross-selling will increase your profits.
  • This will help you grow your business.
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The call-to-booking application is just one of the many features that ServiceOS has for you. Choose the power of automation and technology in order to reach more clients and increase your profits. You can become the leading service provider in your area. Request your demo today.

ServiceOS - Appointment scheduling software