Complete commission tracking software from ServiceOS

Managing commissions manually would be impossible when your business reaches a certain size. That is why ServiceOS has included a feature that does this for you. This is just one of the many ways things become streamlined when you involve ServiceOS in the equation. Here are the functionalities you get with the commission plan management feature of the system.

  • Automated commission reporting
  • Commission planning in % or amount for different components
  • Multi-level commission management
  • Commission plan per performance
ServiceOS - commission-plan-management

The advantages of using commission software for small business

Managing commissions properly becomes increasingly difficult when your business is growing. More and more details have to be managed. And there are countless interactions that need to be considered. However, ServiceOS does the majority of the work automatically once the initial parameters are entered. This creates an optimal condition for your business where automation takes care of the work for you. This way you don’t have to worry about mundane details. Here are a few examples of how ServiceOS makes your work easier.

  • Set up commission distribution between workers and businesses.
  • A clear view of money retention and flow to all involved parties.
  • Ability to set commission for each element of the booking i.e. parking, materials and or any other extra charge.
  • General commission plan per service with the option to customize, depending on teams and professionals.
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Commission management software and much more!

Automation in commission management is just one of the many ways your business will become much more efficient. ServiceOS will become your best asset in making business. This is a singular system that opens up unlimited possibilities for the growth and prosperity of your service delivery. Challenge what you imagined was possible and take the next step in your venture. Reach us today and request a demo.

ServiceOS - commission-plan-management