How to Get Your First Clients for a Domestic Cleaning Business

How to Get Your First Domestic Cleaning Business Clients

If you’ve taken the leap into business ownership with a domestic cleaning business, one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is how to get cleaning clients fast.

You’ve laid the groundwork but you still don’t have paying clients. While this can be a cause for concern, there are ways to get around this obstacle.

In this article, we explore how to get your first cleaning client, free and larger budget marketing options as well as how to retain your clients once you’ve acquired them. Let’s get started.

How to get your first cleaning clients

To get clients for a cleaning business, you need to gain visibility and get your name out there in the industry. However, that’s easier said than done.

Embarking on your domestic cleaning business journey requires a blend of strategy, visibility, and trust-building. Let’s navigate through these professional steps to establish a solid client base.

Step 1: Conduct thorough market research

Understand your potential clientele and the competitive landscape. Investigate local demographics, income levels, and existing market rates to tailor your services effectively to the community’s needs.

Step 2: Establish a strong online presence

Develop a professional website to showcase your services, client testimonials, and before-and-after images. 

Utilize social media platforms to engage with the community, offer valuable cleaning tips, and promote your services.

Step 3: Optimize for local search

Register your business on platforms like Google My Business to enhance local search visibility. Ensure your business is listed in relevant local directories for easy discovery.

Step 4: Network and form strategic partnerships

Build relationships within your local community, especially with real estate agents and property managers. 

Participate in community events and local business groups to increase your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Step 5: Implement a referral program 

Encourage word-of-mouth marketing by introducing a referral program. Offer incentives such as discounts or free services to clients who refer new customers.

Step 6: Customize your service offerings

Provide flexible and customizable cleaning packages to cater to the diverse needs of different households, distinguishing your business from competitors.

Step 7: Emphasize professionalism and trust

Ensure your business is bonded, insured, and that your staff is well-trained. Highlighting these aspects reassures clients of your professionalism and the security of their property.

Step 8: Maintain client engagement post-service

Follow up with clients after service completion. Send thank-you notes, solicit feedback, and offer maintenance tips to keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

By following these steps, you’re not just launching a cleaning business; you’re establishing a trustworthy, client-focused brand poised for growth and success.

Step 9: Develop a client database from the get-go

From the outset, begin compiling a client database, meticulously recording client details, preferences, and service histories. 

Utilize this database to personalize services, track client interactions, and manage follow-ups efficiently. 

Over time, this valuable repository will enable targeted promotions, facilitate personalized communication, and support data-driven decision-making, laying a foundation for scalable growth and enhanced client relations. 

Ensure that your data collection and storage methods comply with privacy regulations to maintain client trust.

Budget-friendly solutions that can help you get your cleaning business clients fast

If you’ve already researched how to start a domestic cleaning business and you have registered your company, you’re now ready to provide a service.

However, small business owners typically don’t have large budgets to find cleaning clients and this means you need to consider free options.

Luckily, there are several approaches that you can try without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions. 

Create a local business listing on Google My Business

This is free and gives you greater local exposure in your community. However, you will need to ensure that your listing details are accurate and that you present some photos to support the quality of your cleaning service. 

Also, your business name, address and phone number must be accurate and consistent across all your channels to avoid diverting customers and creating confusion.

Jump onto social media platforms and use these free channels to your advantage

There is a multitude of social media platforms to choose from and each one offers a unique opportunity to get cleaning clients. 

Facebook, for example, enables you to publish content organically regularly while conveying your business’ unique vision and unique selling points. 

Instagram is a more visual platform where you can showcase before and after photos of work well done for existing clients.

Showcase your business on local business directories and listings

There are numerous local business listing sites you can approach where you list your cleaning business to get new clients. 

These trustworthy directories can give your business greater exposure in your local community.

Encourage clients to leave positive reviews

Once you have your first clients, and the subsequent client base after that, it’s essential that you encourage them to leave reviews for your business online. 

This is an effective way to boost your business’ reputation online as it is essentially the modern-day version of word-of-mouth marketing; a highly effective means of getting referrals and ensuring that your business thrives. 

Don’t be afraid to approach people directly

Regarding approaching people directly, this requires a bit more effort and time. It’s about going door to door to get to know the members of your community and what their cleaning needs are. 

Make sure to offer them a free first service followed by a well-priced cleaning plan that will earn you sustainable business over the coming months. 

Be friendly and approachable but don’t push the sales. When people see you are genuine and truly interested in helping them, they’ll be more inclined to support your business.

Ideas to find new cleaning clients if you have a big budget

We’ve covered how to get clients for a cleaning business for free. But what about later on when your business is established and you actually have a marketing budget? There are many more alternative routes you can pursue.

However, as a starting point, you need to know who you are targeting. The demographics and other defining characteristics and pain points of your client base will dictate which marketing approach you take.

Some examples of routes you can follow when you do have a budget for marketing your cleaning business include:

  1. Creating flyers and business cards and distributing them locally
  2. Creating a website for your business that is optimised for search engines
  3. Using the power of email marketing to promote your service to new and existing clients and don’t leave your email signature out
  4. Create an introductory video and continue posting video content online
  5. Offering value through amazing services that are competitively priced
  6. Starting a customer referral programme
  7. Making use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  8. Sponsor local community or youth events
  9. Focus on your branding through vehicle wraps and uniformed staff
  10. Invest in social media advertising
  11. Network with people at every opportunity and event so that you grow your client base
  12. Offer coupons and/or discounts
  13. Get involved in local environmental activities and promote your business as eco-friendly
  14. Leave promotional materials after each cleaning job is complete

How to retain clients to keep your cleaning business strong

Now that you have a client base and you’re no longer wondering how to get house cleaning clients, it’s time to consider the next stage of your business’ development: how to retain cleaning clients. The answer to this question is quite simple: offer greater value than is expected. 

Whether it means going the extra mile for your clients and doing an amazing cleaning job, nothing will affect your business worse than a dissatisfied client. Always put them first and consider their needs, requirements and expectations. Be sure to work with a predefined checklist so that no client thinks you’ve deliberately missed cleaning a certain part of their home. 

Although it may sound simple, the practical side of it can be challenging. That’s because offering a consistently high-value cleaning experience is not easy. But if you are committed to standing by your brand values and your clients, you will be sure to retain them for years to come.


And there you have it: the answer to your question about how to get cleaning business customers. Although there are many roads to achieving your goal, some free and others paid, you truly can take your business forward by providing an outstanding cleaning service that sets you apart.

Once your business develops and is ready for growth, you’ll probably want to invest in customer relationship management software to make your job more manageable. That’s where ServiceOS shines, offering a revolutionary solution that encompasses an online booking system and field service management, catering to both small and large cleaning companies. 

This comprehensive software streamlines all business processes, ensuring efficient operations and an enhanced customer experience. Explore our solutions as you take your business to a new phase of growth and development!

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